John White


John White

Chief Executive Officer (British Amusement Catering Trade Association)

John White is a trade association professional having worked in industries as diverse as meat rendering to baby products and garden furniture to timber.
Prior to joining the Federation of Bakers as Director in May 2000, John spent twelve years at BACTA gaining considerable experience in the amusement machine industry, to which he returned as Chief Executive in July 2014.
He believes trade associations are a vital part of the political culture and at their best are essential to good government.


BACTA Empowering the UK's amusement machine industry
As the principal trade association for the amusement and gaming machine industry in the UK, BACTA members are in the business of providing fun and entertainment to their many customers up and down the country. Whether through pubs, or clubs, the traditional and well-loved seaside Family Entertainment Centres, or the over 18s Adult Gaming Centres, BACTA members manufacture, supply and operate the myriad of amusement machines that many people still see as an essential part of their holiday and leisure activity.
Encompassing high-tech and creative manufacturers, machine suppliers for pubs and clubs, as well as operators of AGCs and FECs, BACTA members include the whole of the amusement machine supply chain in the UK. BACTA currently represent the interests of more than 500 companies and 1,000 individuals, which between them have a collective turn-over of almost £1bn.


Head Office
bacta 29-30 Ely Pl, London EC1N 6TD.

Tel: 020 7730 6444


Twitter: @BACTAUK